Sunday, June 26, 2011

.good morning sunday :: n˚16.

Hello friends!  It was another warm weekend.  And a busy one.  As a matter of fact, it's been a blur. . . the days melting into one another.  But I am here, barely.  As I had promised, here are a few of the images I took earlier in the week with my friend Molly.  A talented and carefree beauty, she was such a delight to photograph.  Many more projects in the works with this young lady so hopefully, when the weather cooperates, more photos will come.  And now, today's list: 
  • I finished this book today.  LOVE it!  
  • With vintage images still fresh in my mind, I was pleased to stumble across yet another book today.  Anonymous:  Enigmatic Images from Unknown Photographers is chock full of interesting  photographs, sadly, their maker long forgotten.  Viewing a few of the pages, I realize just how much I actually miss not just black and white photographs, but literal photographs in general.  You know, prints.  How many of us can actually say that we have at least 25% of the images we photograph with our digital cameras in tangible form?  I don't.  I wish I did.  My 35mm cameras will need to come out and play more often.  As well as my Holga, who has yet to truly be tinkered with.  I just wished it was easier to locate a local professional lab.  The next closest one is 2 hours away.  A huge bummer.  Perhaps this is why instant film is making a big come back.  I'm curious to see what paths photography as we know it today will take here in the years to come. 
  • Water.  I miss water.  Let me rephrase.  I miss being IN the water.  The other day we went to the beach and I longed to get into the water.  Why didn't you? you ask.  Easy.  I need a new bathing suit.  Nope nope!  Before you say, just go out and get one, I'd like to tell you that it's pretty hard to find one for a girl with my peculiar build to find one that makes me feel decent.  It's ridiculous really.  Perhaps I'm the ridiculous one.  But back to the water.  I hate sitting on the sand soaking up the rays.  I'm dark enough.  I miss just being completely submerged in the element that is H2O. Things have been so tense lately that I simply long to just let go. . . relax my muscles, my mind and surrender myself.  Don't worry.  I'm fluffy so I'll float.  Without a doubt, I am truly a sun and water girl.  
  • I'm loving the debut album Torches, by Foster the People.  I canNOT get this song out of my head!  Jacked up I know, but still!  I love the tune and at the part when they whistle. . . how can you not love it? 
Alright folks, another short list.  Summer looks like it's gonna be a busy one so I'll try my best to get more things for you to munch on but for today, these will have to do.  Hope the summer weather is treating you well!  'Til next time!  xo

Sunday, June 19, 2011

.good morning sunday :: n˚15.

N˚10 :: ghost writer

Hello friends!  It's Sunday and I hope yours is going well.  And for all of you Papas out there, Happy Father's Day!  Is anyone else having problems with Blogger?  I can't tell if the problem is Blogger or my internet provider.  I've been trying to get this post going and it's been going haywire!  Weird.  Alrighty, the list!
  • I think I may have already used the above image in another post, but that's okay.  It's my little reminder that I need to reorder some PX 100 Silver Shade film.  I kinda miss it.  It's just so flippin' expensive though!  I do want to try out the new PX 70 Color Shade Push.  C'mon The Impossible Project, I need a sale!  Mail me some coupons or something.  ;)
  • Recently, I've been revisiting the works of photographers I used to follow when I was on Myspace years ago.  Remember Myspace?  One of the photographers was a gal originally from Georgia, whose images captured the essence of young adulthood, wanderlust and carefree days.  Laura Taylor of The Darling Life is all grown up and making beautiful work!  I especially enjoyed her Polaroid albums.  
  • A friend at work told me earlier today that she had a book she really wanted me to see.  The title of the book is Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, a unique novel that weaves vintage photographs of "peculiar" looking folk into the story.  The author, Ransom Riggs, is quite an interesting individual himself.  A writer, photographer, and filmmaker, he is also a collector of old black and white photos.  {a man after mine own heart}  Currently, he is working on a new book, Talking Pictures, that will be released in early 2012.  The book features many of the photographs in his collection that share just a glimpse of the story behind them.  Below is a book trailer for Talking Pictures.  Also be sure to watch the book trailer for Miss Peregrine too while you're at it.  When visiting his blog, you'll agree that Ransom Riggs is one talented and intriguing fellow!  

It's a short list today!  Getting ready for a photo shoot tomorrow.  I'll be sure to share some photos.  Have a wonderful week friends!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

.my apologies.

Hello friends.  I feel that I owe all of you an apology.  I have not forgotten about the music posts, I just have not had the time, nor the mental focus I needed to get them up.  My mind has been a little preoccupied with things here on the home front that when I attempt to sit here and write, every thing comes out choppy and disassembled.  So, I am sorry.  I do hope that you are well and that beautiful things are happening in your world!  I know it's not Sunday, but since I missed my "good morning Sunday" post a couple of days ago, I hope you won't mind if I do it here today.

  • My website is down at the moment because I'm hoping to get a new one, or revamp my existing one.  It's high time that I focus on getting this photography business off the ground don't you think?  
  • I am actually considering shooting weddings again.  I miss the energy, the excitement of being in love, the income!  So, I have a couple of books that I think are fantastic sources of inspiration and advice.  The first book, Fine Art Weddings, by renowned wedding photographer Jose Villa, was just the shot in the arm that I needed.  His images are so . . . beautiful!  fresh . . . emotional . . . lovely!  What I loved most about his book was his humble approach to everything.  He didn't hold back any of his own hard learned lessons, which I think was the biggest encouragement to me.  A workshop in written form, his book is essential to the aspiring, and perhaps even some seasoned wedding photographers.  
  • The other book, Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography, is a book I have yet to get my hands on.  I had a chance to browse through it on the Nook yesterday and liked what I saw.  I'll get back with you on it once it arrives.  
  • I really want one of these Yudu machines!  It's a really neat screen printing machine that allows you to create your own customized products such as t-shirts, totes, really just about anything!  What would Yudu?
  • The last several weeks, I have become increasingly aware of the fact that I'm not getting any younger, and that my health isn't all that great at the moment.  I'm doing okay, I'm just tired of feeling uncomfortable and tired.  I've been looking into more information about pH levels in our diet.  You don't think about that stuff when you're chowing down on a burger and drinking your highly caffeinated drink.  My father is a diabetic and I'm not going to be very far behind him if I don't change things now.  I'm looking into these two books:  The pH Balanced Diet and The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide.  Getting old sucks.  Just sayin'.  
  • Still thinking about surfing. . . a lot.  Yesterday marked the beginning of tourist season here in Wilmington so the beaches will start to pack out real quickly.  Still, I think of water. . . waves. . . and more water.  No sharks!  No sharks!  Check out these two documentary films on surfing:  Step Into Liquid and Riding Giants.
Have a groovy start to your summer friends!  

Sunday, June 5, 2011

.good morning sunday :: n˚14.

Hello friends!  Well, I hope this Sunday finds you enjoying the sunshine and cool breezes as we quickly approach summer.  If you ask me, it seems like summer told spring to take a hike a couple of weeks ago because it's been a lot warmer than usual.  How about in your area?  How are things going there?  Well, here we go with today's list:
  • My mind has been pretty preoccupied lately.  Honestly, it's been really difficult to keep a straight thought which is why I haven't been posting as much as I'd like.  Working through a funk that I have been having a hard time shaking off.  But I'm okay!  I've been spending a little more time outside, attempting to grow a green thumb as well as flowers that I hope will stay alive and flourish.  The top photograph is of three little pots with little seedlings of sunflowers, zinnias, and daisies.  I'm excited to see these little guys sprouting up!  By golly, this year, I want a garden!  
  • Speaking of gardening, I truly am a total dunce when it comes to growing stuff.  But I'm trying.  I found a cute little book that encourages kids (and adults like me) to grow fruits and vegetables.  After featuring each plant, the book also shares some pretty delicious looking recipes.  Yum YUM!  
  • Do you ever feel like creating something, whether it's a drawing, painting, sewing, or whatever, and although your hands are so eager to work, you can't seem to get beyond the blank canvas?  What do YOU do to break that wall down?
  • I have been thinking about sewing, mostly outfits for my daughter and skirts for myself.  I've been browsing through a few books, like this one and this one.  Anyone out there have any suggestions for others titles?
  • Some time in the near future, when I have a little more mullah to play with, I will need to order more of this film, and possibly try out some of this film so that I can take more photos for this flickr group that I've just been invited to join.  I love portraits!
  • Just so you know, I haven't forgotten about my music posts.  I will have one here for you tomorrow.  :)
Alrighty friends, I will see you here again maƱana!  Wishing you beautiful days ahead!  xo

P.S.  Just had to share this.  Gave me goosebumps!