Saturday, November 12, 2011

keeping busy

Stopping in to say hello friends!  It's been very quiet on this blog.  Too quiet.  I hope this finds all of you well and geared up for the upcoming Holidays!  Can you believe we are already in November?!  Well, things are coming together in my little world.  The creative juices are flowing and things are happening.  Slowly, but surely.  This portfolio is being built!  

Last weekend, I was able to work with the beautiful young lady above, Sarah Elizabeth, who portrayed an Ophelia-esque girl for a photo session we had planned for months.  The stars finally aligned and we were able to pull it off on a gorgeous Sunday morning at Carolina Beach Park.  The water was awfully cold so attempting to have Sarah lay in the water (although she tried her darndest) was just not gonna happen if I wanted to keep her from catching pneumonia!  My wonderful friend Molly accompanied me as both an assistant and my MUA.  It was such a fun, creative morning!  Opportunities for more shoots are opening up ahead so hopefully this will mean more images for you to come!  

After much hesitation, I finally opened up a Facebook page that I will be using to upload some of my more current images.  So, if you'd like to follow up on new photo sessions, be sure to check it out.  Still trying to figure out which platform to use for my actual website.  Any suggestions?

Well friends, keep nice and cozy this weekend!