Sunday, June 15, 2008


There have been times, especially here recently, when I have doubted my ability to create, to be "artistic." Photography has been such a big part of who I am that to pursue it further and make something of it is my dream.  But dreams tend to get lost when reality blocks your view, no matter how hard you try to keep your eye on it.  There have been many times when I have been too tired from the daily grind to see beyond just what we see from day to day.  It's like my magical eyeglasses fell off my face and I accidentally stepped on them so all that I see now are the cracks through shattered glass.  Too distracted to see anything else.  

 Alas, I pulled out my camera today and forced myself to find something, ANYTHING to photograph that might tell me that all is not lost.  Lo and behold, a simple flower, lost amongst other floral, weeds and overgrowth (I'm not much of a gardener) stood.   Its face beaming to the sky above, as if no thought of what or who was around.  So content to be.  And so I caught this little flower with my lens and this is the image I have now.  I guess the message I have received today is that with perseverance, one can break through the layers of every day wear and tear, mixed with defeat, doubt, the constant struggle and to just keep on reaching.  Aim, stretch towards your dreams until that one fateful day, when the timing is right and you are finally ready to open up to the world and very simply. . . bloom.