Sunday, May 4, 2008

.not done.

In an attempt to do some cleaning today, I came across my knitting bag, tucked behind the door of my computer room. In it, I found several skeins of yarn that were bought at JoAnns, well over a year ago, all with the intent of being made into a baby's blanket for Aislin's arrival. Well, needless to say, that didn't happen. I find this to be a common problem with several of my art & craft projects. Alot of them, still, not done. Tons of scrapbook albums with no finished pages to decorate it's insides. Paintings left incomplete. Knitting projects barely started. It's frustrating knowing you have tons of materials ranging anywhere from yarn to ribbon to patterned papers to paints and canvas, all awaiting for that fateful day when they get to be transformed into a vision I once had in my head. But with such a busy life, how. . . HOW do I even get started?! Where do I even begin?! My little girl is almost a year old and this blanket is still not done! Agh!!

I need to take it a day at a time. I need to remember that creativity is a process. Discipline is key. I need to make a point to make time to do something creative EVERYDAY, whether it's finishing up a scrapbook layout or knitting a tiny hat, taking a photograph. . . anything just to keep myself motivated and inspired. So, this bag full of barely used yarn will be a reminder to me that it's time to snap out of this funk that I've been in and get busy makin' stuff! I know I will feel better for it!

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