Sunday, July 8, 2012

vintage family photographs

 Great-great-great grandparents

Great-great grandparents

Things have been a little quiet here.  I've been spending some time reflecting on things, work, photography, life . . . In the process I've found myself once again going through Great-Grandma Sylvia's footlocker, sifting through old family photographs.  The above photographs are of my Great-great-great and Great-great Grandparents on my father's side.  I adore these photographs.  The style, the clothing, the weight of the paper on which they are printed on.  I'm soaking it all in.  More to come. 


  1. Kat, these are BEAUTIFUL. Truly.
    What an enviable treasure you have! Looking at vintage photographs always makes me wish that I was born minus some decades, even centuries... that style, that clothing... sigh!
    Thank you for sharing these. And, missed you :)

  2. Hey Kat!
    These images are so cool. I was just thinking about building a genealogy tree for my kids. My oldest was asking who the great great were...I should start a research.
    I think I have some photos like that...if I find them I show it!
    Really nice. The lady on the last photo is so beautiful and all the details on her dress...
    I just came back from CA.


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