Sunday, July 27, 2008

.almost bare.

There are less than two days left before my family and I take all our earthly possessions, our faithful dog, laundry, unopened boxes of cake mix and head off to Nashville. It has been a bittersweet last several days here in Kentucky. We've made such wonderful friends and have fallen so in love with the picturesque scenery, that I know all will be missed. But it's off to "bigger and better things". . . we hope.

There is nothing more depressing for anyone who has ever had to pick up and move than to see the bare walls of what was once called "home." The cute little house we have lived in for little over a year, in a town very much like Maybury, will be sorely missed. It was the first place to welcome our newborn home. It has been a place of refuge and reflection. Needless to say, it was when I started to strip the wall of a clock, the shelf of most of it's display contents when I realized just how empty this place was becoming. The last two items: a white cutout of the letter "K" and a mister. Nothing of great significance. Just a simple reminder of a wee house on Main Street, in a town called Wilmore that I'm going to miss.

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  1. You are a very wonderful writer! I too have gotten caught up in this thing we call "life" and lost touch with my creativeness. I enjoy reading your ramblings and I assure you that while that wall may be empty now, there's another person, maybe just as passionate as you, waiting to give that wall a new personality. I feel sure you are on to better things and I wish you nothing but success.
    Don't forget me...even though you never have gotten to see my beautiful home... :)


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