Saturday, July 19, 2008

.urban textures.

Some times the best places to get a great shot of color and texture may be just down the road. During a recent weekend drive around the Bluegrass with the family, we came across a small town named Stanford. We pulled into the parking lot of the Stanford L&N Railroad Depot (now a musuem and park) and decided to go for a little browse around the place. What we found was an old mill that stood away from the actual depot. My memory fails me at the moment because I can't recall what kind of mill it was. The place was rundown. Pigeons having made their nests within its unoccupied structure. Weather beaten and overgrown with foliage, the mill was still able to stand out with it's unique colors. A set of doors to what looked like a storage area, was beaming with gorgeous blues, pink and reds. The mixture of peeling paint and oxidized iron made intriguing subjects for my camera!

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