Sunday, June 26, 2011

.good morning sunday :: n˚16.

Hello friends!  It was another warm weekend.  And a busy one.  As a matter of fact, it's been a blur. . . the days melting into one another.  But I am here, barely.  As I had promised, here are a few of the images I took earlier in the week with my friend Molly.  A talented and carefree beauty, she was such a delight to photograph.  Many more projects in the works with this young lady so hopefully, when the weather cooperates, more photos will come.  And now, today's list: 
  • I finished this book today.  LOVE it!  
  • With vintage images still fresh in my mind, I was pleased to stumble across yet another book today.  Anonymous:  Enigmatic Images from Unknown Photographers is chock full of interesting  photographs, sadly, their maker long forgotten.  Viewing a few of the pages, I realize just how much I actually miss not just black and white photographs, but literal photographs in general.  You know, prints.  How many of us can actually say that we have at least 25% of the images we photograph with our digital cameras in tangible form?  I don't.  I wish I did.  My 35mm cameras will need to come out and play more often.  As well as my Holga, who has yet to truly be tinkered with.  I just wished it was easier to locate a local professional lab.  The next closest one is 2 hours away.  A huge bummer.  Perhaps this is why instant film is making a big come back.  I'm curious to see what paths photography as we know it today will take here in the years to come. 
  • Water.  I miss water.  Let me rephrase.  I miss being IN the water.  The other day we went to the beach and I longed to get into the water.  Why didn't you? you ask.  Easy.  I need a new bathing suit.  Nope nope!  Before you say, just go out and get one, I'd like to tell you that it's pretty hard to find one for a girl with my peculiar build to find one that makes me feel decent.  It's ridiculous really.  Perhaps I'm the ridiculous one.  But back to the water.  I hate sitting on the sand soaking up the rays.  I'm dark enough.  I miss just being completely submerged in the element that is H2O. Things have been so tense lately that I simply long to just let go. . . relax my muscles, my mind and surrender myself.  Don't worry.  I'm fluffy so I'll float.  Without a doubt, I am truly a sun and water girl.  
  • I'm loving the debut album Torches, by Foster the People.  I canNOT get this song out of my head!  Jacked up I know, but still!  I love the tune and at the part when they whistle. . . how can you not love it? 
Alright folks, another short list.  Summer looks like it's gonna be a busy one so I'll try my best to get more things for you to munch on but for today, these will have to do.  Hope the summer weather is treating you well!  'Til next time!  xo


  1. I absolutely adore the photos of Molly you've been sharing... your composition, color, and lighting are the perfect setting for such a beautiful girl!

    I feel ya on the bathing suit... Jamie's sister and niece were horrified to discover that I live in Florida, 20 minutes away from the beach, AND DON'T OWN A SWIMSUIT! But when I'm at the beach, I like to walk along the shore and take pictures... plus, as I told them, "the world doesn't need to see this gelatinous mass." HA!

  2. i love the ability to take copious amounts of photos with abandon - without guilt of the cost, with the ability to get just the right shot.... and i love that we can still pick out those truly beautiful or meaningful ones and print them.

  3. you know, i don't have many of my photos printed either and now that you said that, i want to run to the camera shop with a disc filled up with my photos and have them all printed....just for me.

  4. Molly is such an awesome model, you work with so many gorgeous people Kat... I think your amazing aura just attracts all the fabulous people right to you :)


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