Sunday, July 17, 2011

good morning sunday :: n˚17

Hello friends!  It is Sunday, not morning however, but still Sunday.  It's been a great day so far and I hope that yours is as well.  This last week started off rather slow, per usual, but the pace picked up during the weekend.  This week will be even busier.  Yay!  Ideas are flowing and I'm moving with it!  Okay, so on to the list!

  • I'm enjoying this new to me wedding magazine from "down undah"!  It is chock full of lovely photographs, the kind that make you want to get remarried all over again just so you can recreate some of the beautiful decorations and celebrations featured on each page!  Neat thing is, they also have a blog!
  • The research I did for my previous post about photographer Tim Walker has really helped to get me inspired!  I am seriously SERIOUSLY dying to get my hands on his book Pictures.  I know I've told you that already, but just in case you didn't know.  ;)
  • Last Friday, I had the pleasure of working with a young model by the name of Marley.  We took a trip up to North Topsail on the northern most tip of Topsail Island here in North Carolina and all I can say is that it was gorgeous!  The above photos are just a few of the images I took that day.
  • A new photo shoot again tomorrow!  More on that once I have pictures for you.
  • I think it would be so neat to get one of these and see what kind of photos you can make with it. 
  • Since we're talking about toys, I'd also love to get my hands on this camera too!  To view some photos taken with this adorable little toy cam, check out the Diana Mini Love flickr group.
  • Can you believe it's already August.  Seriously, can you? 
Alright friends, there will be more to share with you this week, especially with fun projects in the works so. . . here's wishing all of you a creative and joy-filled week ahead!  'Til next time.


  1. Kat, I'm so proud of you for keeping busy with these breathtaking photo shoots and also by faithfully searching the internet and bookshelves for inspiration. The beautiful results are shining through your work :)

  2. i think i want that book, too....
    and the cameras....well, you buy them first, show us how great they are and then i'll copy you :)

  3. Totally swooning over these images. The diptych is perfect! Looking forward to see what beautiful images your next photo will bring.
    And thank you for sharing your inspiration again and again - I love discovering new things through your blog.

    (Oh, and it's still July over here. ;-) Sorry, I couldn't resist to comment on that)


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