Friday, July 15, 2011

the inspiration that is tim walker

Fashion is the dream department of photography.
~Tim Walker

Extravagant sets.  Interesting characters.  Poetic imagery.

British fashion photographer, Tim Walker, has been wowing the readers of Vogue magazine, and the world around, with his dreamlike photographs for more than a decade.  A few years ago, I published a post here about Mr. Walker, and today I wanted to reintroduce him to you.  I find a lot of inspiration in hearing the processes in which artists create.  Recently, I came upon two interviews of Tim and thought that you may be interested in them as well.  Here is the first:

The second interview was done by Penny Martin for SHOWstudio's In Fashion series.  

Last year, the famed photographer has also taken on a new role:  director.  The Lost Explorer, his first film, is a 20 minute short based on the story of the same name by author Patrick McGrath.  The story tells of a girl who discovers a dying man, an anthropologist from Africa who has camped out behind her family's home in London, and the sequence of events that take place upon her discovery of him. Unfortunately, the film has only been seen here in the US in private screenings, mostly in New York.  However, should the film's trailer compel  you to see more, Tim has put together a book of stills from his movie.

With a newly revamped website, admirers of Tim's work will not be disappointed.  It features more galleries of his work, such as new projects and portraiture, as well as video.  A definite feast for the eyes!

Have a great weekend my friends! 

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