Thursday, March 26, 2009

.tim walker::photographer.

When I think of the word whimsical, I envision fairies with their pixie lights dancing across an open field at dusk, woodland creatures civilly sitting down to a cup of tea, and perhaps even a mast ship floating across the tops of cotton-like clouds. . . We all grew up with these fantastical images running about giggling in our heads when we were children.  I guess some of us never grow up. . . thank god!
The other day, my hubby shared with me a site he came across featuring the photography of Tim Walker, a London based fashion photographer whose works have been seen in magazines such as British Vogue and Vogue Italia.  Walker's whimsical images pulls its viewer into playful worlds where it seems imagination has no limits.  The soft lighting and muted colors that make up the tone of many of his images, is a soothing treat to the eyes.  He has brought together a collection of his works in a book simply entitled, Pictures.  If you enjoy photos that look as if they've been pulled right out of a storybook, then you need to take a visit to his website and prepare to be completely amazed!


  1. what we all could do with the proper resources, huh? his work is just stunning...I love the whimsical nature of the work.


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