Wednesday, March 11, 2009

.a wedding to shoot.

Weddings.  You can't help but love them or loathe them.  I'm kinda in the middle.  Especially if I'm the one behind the camera lens.  I have been asked by my friends, Megan and James, if I'd be willing to shoot their wedding.  No set date as of yet.  I was so flattered by their request, I quickly said "Heck yeah!"  My excitement for their news of engagement was slowly overshadowed by fear.  You know the kind of fear that gets your mind going to the point you make yourself sick.  Where does this horrific anxiety come from? you ask of me.  Well, let me explain.  I have been given the opportunity and honor of shooting a few weddings.  FEW.  The first wedding was a blast!  Shot all in film, it was simply the best time ever!  The photos were fantastic, especially for a rookie.  The whole event was just so fun and carefree.  It gave my hubby and I the boost of confidence we needed to consider pursuing photography more seriously.  We shot a couple more nuptials, learning more and more with each one.  However, for the last one, I wished it had gone so much smoother.  The stress level for me skyrocketed as it seemed whatever could go wrong, did.  That experience taught me valuable lessons, but it also crushed any and all desires to do weddings again.  I know we all can't be Bambi Cantrell on our first experiences as a "wedding photographer."  Just like anything else, it takes time and discipline.  With that having been said, I swore off shooting weddings, turning down several requests simply because of this fear.  Reading this, I realize how hard I am on myself.  But when it comes to a couple's most cherished day of their life together, how can I NOT be?  Having Megan and James ask me to do this for them really sparked a desire in me to prove to myself that I CAN do this and do it well.  I guess it's time that I pick myself up and dust myself off.  

Since we're on this topic of weddings, I wanted to share some things with you.  My favorite style of photography, both in general but especially for weddings, is the photojournalistic approach.  You see more of this style presented in wedding magazines these days.  A great example of such a magazine is Martha Stewart's Weddings publication.  The photos make you feel as if you are right there, as the images captured are more "candid" in nature.  Personally, I think a good balance of both traditional and photojournalistic photography help record the day wonderfully.  It takes lots of keen observation and quick reflexes to do well.  That's probably why I have such a deep respect for wedding photographers.  And speaking of photographers. . . 

Before I go, as I have rambled on much too long already, here are just a few links of some fantastic photographers whose wedding work leaves me truly in awe.  Take a look!

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  1. Hi Kat, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog and am stopping by to say hello to you too and say how beautiful your blog is! I'm right off weddings at the moment as had three of my own so greedy to want any more! Will fave your blog and look forward to reading more. You are right, the blog is for oneself and I get enormous enjoyment from writing and thinking about what to write! Emma


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