Tuesday, March 10, 2009

.homesick for tradewinds and blue waters.

It never fails.  Early spring on the Mainland is ALWAYS the time I get really homesick for Hawai'i.  I know, I already hear you.  "Why did you leave Hawai'i?!"  Very simple.  It's expensive.  Mostly though, it was because I wanted to start a new life in a place different from where I grew up.  I left the Islands when I was 18, right after high school, moving first to Los Angeles.  Talk about culture shock!  From there, I traveled to many other parts of our country.  I love that.  Being able to drive and be in a completely different place than you were just a few hours previous.  However, this time of the year, the winds seem to be calling, reminding me that there is a beach with nice, thick coral sand waiting for me to chill out on.  I miss the ocean.  SO much!  And the food!  Oh, don't get me started on the food.  Manapuas.  Huli huli chicken.  Li hing mui.  Opihis.  Tako poki.  Ahi poki.  Guavas.  Passion fruit juice.  Laulau.  I could go on but I am already salivating to the point of forming a puddle on my kitchen floor.  ha!  [sigh]  Thankfully, I have some friends who are photographers back home so I can easily check out their websites to see what beautiful images I am missing out on.  [deep sigh]  Check them out here and here.  

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