Friday, March 20, 2009

.usa::characters welcome.

During the last several evenings, as Alex gets his "fix" of Hugh Laurie's HOUSE episodes, I have noticed many commercials for USA's "Character Project." Curious, and of course, intrigued by the idea of a photography collaboration, I had to see what this was all about. Below is the actual advertisement for the project. Take a look.
The project consists of 11 of some of the world's most talented photographers. Each one, with their own photo documentary, capture the faces that represent the diversity of our country. Launched by NBC's USA channel, in the spirit of its trademark "Characters Welcome," the images from the venture are brought together in a book entitled, American Character. To know more about the Character Project, as well as the photographers that bring it to life, visit it here.


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  2. Kat

    Thaks for posting about this project. How fascinating..and David from Scotland does have a very cool accent. Hope all is well with you....



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