Friday, March 6, 2009

.poppy totes.

It is Friday, and just as I said in my previous blog, I come with new projects. . . finished at that!  I had planned on posting this earlier today, however we were having technical difficulties with our internet.  Always seems like something.  Geez.  Anyway, here are two bags to show off.  Poppies seem to be dancing in my head lately (no opium involved).  The above photo shows a simple design on a natural canvas tote, and below, a felt bag I created for my little girl (sorry for the lousy photo quality).   
It was nice being able to rev up the ol' sewing machine.  I'm a little rusty with my sewing abilities, which are limited to begin with.  There will be a few days coming up when I will be free to create more.  Not sure what I'm gonna do, but I'm going to do something!  Maybe even paint something!  Ha!  Like my basement.  [blech!]
Alright folks, I wish you a warmer and spring-like weekend!  Go fly a kite!  

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  1. So cool to see these. When I started making crafts here in The US my first projects were with this paint. I made lots of paints on t-shirst for my oldest. You just inspired me to make more and for my little one too!!!!
    Thanks Kat, you are really sweet!


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