Tuesday, March 17, 2009

.french inspired jewelry...ooh la la!.

When it comes to purchasing craft books, I've REALLY had to pull the reigns back.  There have been so many new additions to the wonderful array of books out on the market that it's a little overwhelming.  I spend more time flipping through books than I do actually making the craft!  Sound familiar?  So when I do come across one that intrigues me, it goes through a little test before it ever makes it to the checkout:
  1. Does this book inspire me visually and creatively?
  2. Are the materials needed for the projects available in my area?  (improvising if needed, of course)
  3. Are the materials more than I can afford?
  4. Are the instructions understandable?
  5. Are the creations from these projects practical for my life?  
  6. Can I truly see myself creating any of the projects in this book within the next month?
  7. Does this book give information about the subject beyond just instructions? ie. history, tips & advice, etc.
Once a book has met the criteria, it makes a cheery trip home with me!  My most recent addition to the craft library is this book by Kaari Meng.  
Her splendid creations are wonderfully displayed beside a mix of illustrations, photos, ribbons, feathers, bits & baubles adding a vintage charm to each page in her book.  
What I found most wonderful about French-Inspired Jewelry, is that the projects are actually quite simple to create.  Kaari has brought these designs together for us, providing the information needed to create them.  Anyone with even minimal jewelry making skill (okay, it'll have to be a little bit more than just knowing how to string beads though) will find that they too can create such pieces as those shown here.  I think the hardest part is going to be finding the materials!  Although, many craft stores have now started carrying vintage-inspired jewelry making supplies.  You may also want to check out some of the specialty bead shops in your area as they usually have a great selection of better quality pieces.  
Check out Kaari Meng at her shop, the French General, as well as on her blog site, and be inspired!!  French-inspired!


  1. my sister makes necklaces - I will definitely have her check this one out.

  2. Kat I have nominated you for a Kreative Blogger award... will let you know more later! Emma

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