Friday, March 20, 2009

.characters welcome::david eustace.

Before I leave this blog for the day, I did want to share one more thing.  During my visit to the Character Project site, I visited some of the actual websites of the photographers who participated.  It was through this that I found a new name to add to the list of brilliant photographers who leave me speechless.  His name is David Eustace.  The Scottish photographer, whose earlier careers included that of a prison officer, draws out the essence of his subjects and wonderfully captures them on film.  As I searched further through the internet, I was delighted, and not at all surprised, when I found out that he has also been one of the photographers responsible for the much loved Anthropologie photos, as was mentioned by Sophie in her wonderful blog.  To view more of his work, visit him here and here.  Below is a clip of David Eustace from his contribution to the Character Project.  You've gotta love that accent!!  


  1. I've started getting catelogs just to look at the photography. It's not just a sears catelog anymore is it?

  2. Hi Kat, I really love reading your blog! I love this guy's work.. really interesting!


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