Tuesday, February 26, 2013

on a rainy day


The rain has been falling all day.  Through the dark morning hours and into this bleak afternoon, there are no signs that it will cease.  And that's okay.  This morning, it seemed almost impossible to get up and be motivated to do much of anything.  I scanned through films on Netflix hoping that something would rouse my mind from its slumber, but nothing.  Then I opened up the kitchen window, allowing some cool air to flow in, and that's when it hit me:  the gleeful sounds of birds singing in the distance, perhaps a tune of how much we all anticipate the arrival of Spring; the pattering of raindrops as they descend from the roof and into a small stream that now flows over the gravel in my driveway; then the hurried wind as it rushes through the pane and into this room as if to say, "Yes!  I too am here!"

Nature has a way of grounding me like nothing else.  The sacred connection between man and nature cannot be replaced or replicated by anything else.  It is pure in every sense of the word.  

And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.  ~ William Shakespeare

And so, today, I will continue to write, read, and enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee.  Enjoy your day friends, whether it be rain or shine.  


  1. Kathy, you know I am the same... nothing makes me feel more connected, humble, ALIVE than nature!

    What are you reading?

    Lovely photo xoxo

    1. I am currently reading 'We, the Drowned' by Carsten Jensen. :)

  2. Oh dear Kat.
    Why did I think you weren't blogging anymore?...?
    Well, I am so glad you left a comment today! I am back in the fold! ;)
    Just added you back into my reader and on my blog list...
    Did you get a post card from me this summer? I sent a bunch from my trip, sadly, I forgot to put correct postage on them. :| Without a return address I fear many of them are in postal purgatory...Though some made it through...
    Nice to "see" you again!

    1. Ha ha! Yeah, I gave blogging a break.
      Not because I didn't want to be here.
      On the contrary. I did, however, I
      found myself in the constant battle
      of "what to share and NOT to share."
      Trying to dig my way out of that
      horrible feeling of inadequacy. :\
      And YES! I did get your postcard.
      I guess I failed to tell you that. But
      you'll need to forward me your addy
      when you feel up to it. Thanks for
      'visiting' me today. :)

  3. Hi, Kat!

    This is Mattie Babb from linwoodco instagram. Your words are beautiful! Glad to have found your blog.

    xo. M
    Baton Rouge, LA

    1. Hey Mattie! Thanks for popping in!
      I definitely want to stay in touch!
      Sending you an email now! :)


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