Tuesday, March 5, 2013

longing for spring


Color!  Oh how I miss you so!  In truth, I actually love the bleakness of Winter, but after so long, the eyes and brain begin to crave the stimulation that only the colors of the rainbow can bring.  I guess one of the beauties about winter months is that they make us appreciate the glory of warmer temperatures and the vibrancy of nature in bloom.  

So, with camera in tow (the new to me Pentax K1000) I headed over to the Wilmington Arboretum to see if perhaps Spring decided to send any messages about her impending arrival.  There were a few. Many of the camellias were already in full bloom, however, perhaps as a way to remind us that this is still her time, it looked as if Winter's frosty fingers could not help but to pinch their soft petals 'til they wilted just a little.  She still technically has 3 weeks to hang around you know.  


I'll be sharing my film scans from today's adventure tomorrow.  So stay tuned!  Happy week friends!

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