Wednesday, March 27, 2013

lovin' printic!

#printic is the next best thing to sliced bread. Seriously.

Ooh . . . #printic

I adore #printic!


There's a new Apple app that I am pretty stoked about!  Found via Victoria Smith's blog, sfgirlbybay, Printic is an app that turns your iPhone photos into prints and, AND!!! mails them for you for FREE!  The cost of each pic is 99¢, with a minimum of 3 photos per purchase, but as I said, shipping is free.  I had to order some myself just to see, and I can tell you, in just a few days time (like 3), I got my little photos and I am thrilled!  Thrilled I tell you!!  So for those of us who love the convenience of shooting with our iPhones (this app is not yet available for Android.  Sorry!), who also love seeing our postal workers deliver more than just bills to our mailboxes, this app is for you.  


  1. I;m going to try this service out with some of my Scotland photos. Looks great!

    1. Rich, you were one of the first people
      I thought of when I saw this app! The
      photo paper that these images are
      printed on isn't very thick. However,
      I love the convenience and the fact
      that they can be mailed to anyone,
      anywhere for free. Can't beat that!

  2. It is very convenient and a great way of sharing photos. Far too often iPhone photo are just left to be viewed on the screen. The paper thickness isn't too much of a worry as long as the print quality is ok. Your photos looked great so... I'll just mount three Eilean Donan shots together and frame them :)

    Btw i got a very nice comment on the blog from Michael Falco about his pinhole civil war photos and my blog post. Seems like a really nice guy. Fab work too. Must be great to do important documentary work, dress up in period costume AND take photos :)

    1. I think you'll like how the photos come out.
      I haven't tried to order more than 3 photos
      at a time yet to see if they'll allow me to. I
      think having your Scotland series printed
      this way then framed will look fantastic!

      I really liked the photos that Michael Falco
      did. He was featured on PDN, I think also.
      I still have yet to see a hardcore Civil War
      reenactment take place. Those guys are
      so intense with their roles, it's awesome.
      There's a book that I had called "Confederates
      in the Attic" by Horowitz that I think you'd
      like if you're interested in that sort of thing.


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