Monday, December 8, 2008

.17 days and counting.

Christmas cards are on their way out tomorrow.  Yeah, tomorrow.  I've got a few more to make.  
The ornaments are ALMOST on the tree. . . it would help if we actually put up our tree!  Ha!  
And cranberries are STILL available to purchase at the grocery stores!  I love cranberries!  It's this time of the year that I put homemade cranberry sauce on EVERYTHING!!  Okay, so maybe not everything, but close!  

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Monday and a fabulous week ahead!!  


  1. Did you make those Christmas cards? They look beautiful! :)

  2. Hey Christina!
    Yup, sure did! Thanks!
    My fave is Mr. Snowman.
    He's missing arms at the
    moment, although you
    can't see that. Ha!


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