Sunday, December 14, 2008

.go ahead and bite me!.

Dark, spicy, pearly white smile. . . who can resist such a treat!  Makes you want to bite a chunk of leg off!  Ha!  Well in celebration of the "countdown to Christmas," check out what the gals over at fiddlesticks & funnygirls have rounded up to for the "12th Day of Christmas."  Some neat ideas to help you prep for some wonderful holiday giving.  My personal fave are the rain boots used as stockings!  How clever is that?!  Hope they were new boots.  ;oP  I want to wish everyone a fantabulous week to come!  

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  1. Ah-- you are so sweet! Sometimes I wonder if its worth it all, and then I get to meet great people like you. Thanks so much! By the way, your pictures below are gorgeous! I love the winter holidays, definitly one of my favorites!


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