Sunday, April 25, 2010

.good. . . evening, sunday.

Fortune Cookie No.2
This weekend has been very rewarding and also extremely exhausting.  We had our moving sale Friday as well as Saturday and thankfully, we were able to get rid of most of our stuff.  I am currently sitting on the floor in the living room, typing away on my laptop that it sitting on my daughter's potty.  (Don't worry, it has a lid and she doesn't use it, but it sits at the perfect height.  Ha!)  I realized this weekend that there are many who think what we are doing is just. . . how do you say. . . crazy.  Honestly though, I learned so much about myself this weekend just by seeing how much we, I, have accumulated over the years.  I had enough scrapbooking and craft supplies to open up my own shop!  A friend of mine came over and he asked me, "Doesn't it make you sick knowing that you spent all this money buying all this stuff only to sell it for next to nothing at a yard sale?"  My response was "No.  What makes me sick is knowing that I spent all this money and did nothing with any of this and still continued to buy."  Seeing it all out, on the floor in boxes, many of which were still in their packaging, never opened was very sobering.  Selling everything we have has been very liberating.  No longer do we have to haul all this stuff, trying to find a place that has enough room for me to store it all.  I believe the word I chose to represent the changes I wanted to see in my life this year was this:  simplify

Your choices at the moment will be good ones.  Trust yourself.  Many of you already know that I collect fortune cookie fortunes.  I know it sounds silly and juvenile, but sometimes I get ones that reassure me with things I already know.  Like the one above.  As much as I love an adventure, there is always that tinge of doubt that likes to creep in and make you question your actions.  "Did we make the right decision?  Are we being stupid?"  There is peace.  Yes, there is stress because we are on a timeline, but beyond that, there is so much peace.  Already I feel better about what we are doing.  My husband and I are on the same page.  We are excited, yes anxious as well, but we know that everything will be okay.  

My friends, I will be staying in touch with you all as often as I can, putting up new pictures as we make our venture.  Here today, in an almost empty home, with no guarantees of what tomorrow brings, I am happy.  Sometimes it takes drastic changes to bring you closer to your dreams, to your loved ones, to yourself, and maybe even closer to God.  

Of all the people I have ever known, those who have pursued their dreams and failed have lived a much more fulfilling life than those who have put their dreams on a shelf for fear of failure.  ~Author Unknown


  1. "For life's concert, no one gets a program."

    Famous Dutch saying (my translation).

    Glad your yard sale was a success and you were able to unload so much. Wish you equal success in pursuing your dreams in NC!

  2. I live in South Korea at the moment, and on the street once there was an old lady who had trained her bird to go and fetch, out a bowl, a fortune out, and then he would take it to her and she would give it to you......Twas too cute.

    You take great photos dear lady.

    God loves you,

  3. James and I collect fortunes too and it started years ago when he got one that said "An exciting opportunity lies ahead if you are not timid." That helped seal the deal in his bold move down from Lexington to live with me here in Florida, leaving all of his possessions behind except for his laptop, a painting-in-the-works, and his pets.

    Kathy, I really believe that you and Alex are following your hearts and in that case cannot go wrong. There may be hardships along the way, but they will be well worth it... I'm so excited for and proud of you :)

  4. ((hugs)) sending warm hugs for your journey - i know this will be a good one for you. the whole doors and windows thing. i have gone through something like this and know....good will come from it - it already is happening.

  5. I know the feeling you're going through now, been there before, but mine situation was that I was moving out into the streets.

    Your is a real liberation and I hope you don't repeat it in the future. This time, only buy what you need and what you'll use ;)

  6. moving is great because you get to purge your space of all the unnecessary stuff... the problem is then to move what you kept to another space... have a great week!!!

  7. My husband and I liberated ourselves five years ago. Sold everything and moved to a small apartment near family. You will not regret it..and you will find simplicity does usher in peace.


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