Thursday, April 8, 2010

.PX I love you.

PX 100 Film :: A New Generation of Analog Film
So it's here. . . the highly anticipated film created by the geniuses at the Impossible Project. The delivery of two packets came in the mail little over a week ago. Like a child who received the one toy they requested for Christmas, to have it in my hands was, in its own way, magical. At first, I hesitated to open it, scared that I would somehow screw it up, especially since there's been so much talk about the fact this film is extremely sensitive to both light and temperature. There's a very painful, and expensive learning process that takes place with this film. But I have to admit, I'm in love.
N˚6 :: april dogwoods
The soft, dreamy quality that is typical of Polaroid film is still there. The warm tones in the images are delightful, especially for me, considering I'm a huge fan of brown tones. If you couldn't already tell.
N˚5 :: balls of light
I'm still crossing my fingers that the price of the film (currently $21) will either stay the same, or decrease as time goes on. Each packet consists of 8 (as opposed to the Polaroid 600's 10) shots. So a lot more thought should probably go into each composition before pressing that little red button.
N˚8 :: me
So yes, I am quite happy with this new film. Adore it really. I'm hoping for this Christmas, Santa will be sweet and fill my stockings with PX 100 film!

To see more of my shots, visit Flickr.
For more info on this new film, visit the Impossible Project.


  1. So dreamy indeed! Just beautiful.
    Wow..I love that film!
    Have fun taking photos..
    Love the ones you showed!

    Was it expensive?

  2. Yay! You know I love these... and the shot of you is GORGEOUS :)

  3. quietly beautiful . have fun with it kat

  4. Abigail~ Thank you so much!
    Yeah, it's a little expensive
    right now. Each pack of film
    costs $21, and shipping is a
    flat rate of $15. They're calling
    it the "introductory price" right
    now. I'm hoping it doesn't go up!

  5. Wow .kat.
    Amazingly beautiful shots.
    Looking forward to obtaining some, someday. For Myself.

  6. Beautiful effects with this film. I especially like #2. Hope all is well in planning for the changes.


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