Wednesday, June 23, 2010

.time to think.

There's something that happens when you don't spend as much time online as you used to:  you have more time to think and to actually do things.  This is a big reason for my minimal presence here in Blogland and Cyberville.  Bare with me though, I will be back online a little more with hopefully more to say and more to show you.

Things are changing. . . for the good.  Metamorphosis.  That's always been the word I'd use to explain what I feel like is happening to me.  Maybe you can relate?  My camera has been sitting on the shelf more often than I had planned but it's only because there are plans in my head that I hope to bring to fruition.  Patience.  That is what I am learning right now.  Patience with myself.  I've always been the impulsive type, which in many ways has probably hindered more than helped, but I'm seeing that time is on my side if only I would use it well.  I feel more alive now than I have in a long time and to be able to say that is. . . awesome.

This is a short one but I wanted to say HI.  I'll be taking a break for a few weeks and hopefully by then, I will be back with a ROAR!  ;)  Take care friends. 


  1. I know what you mean...we just spent a week over in Eastern Washington with my daughter's class on their final camping trip and was nice to be without technology! It's so much work to keep up with flickr and these blogs sometimes! I wanted to catch up with you though and I'm so glad I did! HUGS! m-

  2. Reminds me of a song (oldie): "Slow down, you move too fast; got to make the morning last ..." Maybe that's one of the things you're learning now - and a good lesson for each of us!

    Hang in there .kat. Carpe diem!

    See you when you return.

  3. Kathy, I dream of the day when I live on a little farm with no computer... having to commute "into town" to get on the internet. There are so many good things (like inspiring blogs) about the web, but it's also very distracting too. I've always admired your optimistic attitude and positive outlook; it makes me happy to see it continuing to shine through this "metamorphosis" :)

  4. I hope things get much better for you and I miss seeing you here.

    I think this shot deserves 5 stars.

  5. Hi Kat!
    The time we stay online we can do other nicer things. It's so good. Internet can overwhelm a bit. Sometimes I even get frustrated seeing so much stuff online. We've been out a lot lately. It's so beautiful outdoors. I don't want to miss a thing. Fall is soon.
    Take care, I am glad to hear you guys are all right and changing for good!


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