Friday, November 14, 2008

.the enchanted duirwaigh.

Greetings everyone! Forgive me for not having written much this week. I managed to either pull, crack, bruise my rib! I've had this bad cough for going on three months now and let's just say, it has gotten to a point where I hurt like H-E-double hockey sticks!! But enough of that, I'm okay, really. *ouch!*
I was going through some books on my shelf and I came across one that I hadn't looked at in awhile called A Knock at the Door. It's actually a book that was published by Angi Sullins and Silas Toball of Duirwaigh, Inc. a couple of years ago. Part of the proceeds from the purchase of this book is being donated to the Make a Wish Foundation. If you've never heard of Duirwaigh, then I strongly suggest taking a look at a short film that they created that has captured the hearts and imagination of thousands of viewers worldwide! Believe me, it's a wonderful sight to see! The short film features the artwork of several unique artists whose vivid portrayal of mythical and fairytale characters pulls the viewer into a mystical world of fantasy! The jovial melody, setting ambiance in the film, is by Norweigian musician, Martine Lund Hoel. It's the images from this film that make up the book.

A few of my favorite artists featured are Amoreno, Christophe Vacher, and Kinuko Craft. I love Amoreno, for his soft renditions of mermaids and fairies. Christophe Vacher's paintings are done in such a way that just by gazing upon it, you feel as if you are standing right at the gate that leads to a whole new world filled with mystery and beauty! The skill and vibrancy of Kinuko Craft's work will leave you staring at it for hours, just so that you may soak in every brilliant detail. So for those of you who would enjoy a nice stroll into the Enchanted Forest, I say make sure you get there through the Duirwaigh!

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