Sunday, November 2, 2008

.a good day to bake.

Hello everyone!  It's Sunday!  It's also the first day of Daylight Savings as we all have had to get our clocks to "fall" back an hour.  Thank Goodness!  That extra hour to sleep in is always nice, especially on a Sunday.  It's beautiful outside right now with an open blue sky, warm sun rays and mild chill. . . I say it's a good day to bake!  

As a morning routine, I check out some of my favorite blogs and this morning, Design*Sponge was one of them.  That's where I noticed the recipe for "Chocolate Swirl Gingerbread."  I love anything with molasses in it so I had to give this one a try.  

For some strange reason, I can't get my photos to line up they way I wanted.  Having the mixing bowl shot up first.  Oh well.  You can see what I've done.  It came out pretty good.  It's especially good with vanilla ice cream, another love of mine!  Yum!!  This time of the year is definitely my fave as it is a time when I am excited to bake!!  It's like an edible science project.  Ha!  The other day, I pulled up a recipe for Pumpkin Muffins.  Just the tingly aroma of spice in the air makes me giddy!  Ha!  Well I hope all of you have a wonderful Sunday!  Go bake something!!

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  1. Kat! Is that a scoop of mashed potatoes next to the brownie?!


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