Sunday, November 16, 2008

.sunday & home alone::part I.

It's quiet in the house at the moment save for the collection of piano music I burned onto a disc this morning. A collection compiled of melodies from the likes of Yann Tiersen, Michael Nyman, and Jean-Yves Thibaudet. I call it. . . Chasing Ivory Keys. Alas, I do miss the high pitched squeels and giggles from my wee one. . . but she will be home from her Grandmas soon enough. Until then, I will enjoy the fact that I have the house all to myself. Alex is gone to do a photo shoot. Even Keoki (my german shepherd) is behaving quite nicely for Mama. The sun and radiant blue sky is lighting up the house perfectly. ~ . . . sigh. . . ~ Sunday. . . (finally!) a day of rest.

Lastnight Alex and I were able to spend some time together and just hang out, something that we have had a chance to rarely do since becoming parents. It was nice. We had a fabulous meal at a local Thai restaurant close to our home. Then we ventured out to Green Hills and spent a little time at the mall to look at Pottery Barn Kids for a table I'd love to get the wee one. It was at the mall that we stopped into a tea shop (of course!) called Teavana. I didn't get a chance to purchase tea this time, however, I did notice a small jar of white honey from the Big Island (I'm now homesick) that I've seen featured in several magazines recently. Rare Hawaiian Organic White Honey made by the Volcano Island Honey Company located in Honoka'a, Hawai'i. The honey is derived from flowers off the kiawe tree.
This honey is amazingly thick and yet oh so smooth in texture. For anyone who loves honey, this is a must to have! Just as the folks at Volcano Island Honey say, ". . . this creamy, opalescent honey floats off your tongue leaving you to savor its subtle, yet rich, tropical essence." A wonderful delight to your palate!
In addition to our trip to the mall, we decided to check out the new shopping village just down the road. It was built while we were living in Kentucky. This was our first chance to see what was there. A 2-story Whole Foods market! That place was phenomenal! There were other shops as well, but by far my most favorite was, and is, Anthropologie!
I've seen their online store before and was quite impressed, but my goodness, it's a fantastic place to walk into!! Believe me, I was like that giddy little girl walking into the best candy shop in town! Even Alex was enthralled with the quality and assortment of beautiful things! I so wanted to slip on some cute sandals, wrap an exquisite scarf 'round my neck (still a little sick), pick up an interesting book, gather a nice, warm blanket around me, cozy up on one of their couches and just call it home. But I didn't. I behaved. And like what behaved little girls do when they go into the best candy shop in town, they don't splurge, they purchase meekly. Saving up the money they didn't spend to buy what they really want! Ha! It truly was a highlight to my evening out with Alex. Good food, splendid honey, a shop with things that make you smile, holding hands with the one you love. Lovely. ;o)

So now what?! I think I am going to spend the rest of the day actually letting lastnight's boost of inspired energy flow. . . and to see what happens. . . I guess we'll just have to wait 'til Part II. I'll be back!

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