Sunday, November 23, 2008

.sunday reflections.

It's another beautiful Sunday. . . not so chilly, day spent with the family, and my day to reflect.  This week has actually been a wonderful one for me, despite the fact that I had to be in from work for two days because I felt awful, awful, AWFUL!  Although physically I'm not a 100% yet, for the first time in quite a long time, I truly feel at peace and happy inside.  My heart and mind, reenergized!  I can't pinpoint what it was this week that seemed to "wake me up" and feel alive again, I'm just glad that I do.  Honestly, I truly believe that this pursuit of finding my artistic self has something to do with it.  That, and probably moreso, the fact that I LOVE being the Mommy to my wee Aisie.  My little girl is my little Muse.  This tiny firecracker of a child inspires me so much to be the best Mommy that I can be for her, to find ways to enrich her life through arts & crafts and a whole bunch of lovin'!  For those of you who are mothers, maybe you can relate.  
Art washes away the dust of everyday life.  ~Pablo Picasso.

Friday night was fun!  Creativity and laughter combined makes for a wonderful time!  I actually managed to make more cards for the holidays which of course excited me!  I'm so glad that I've decided to make this a handmade holiday season.  I'm aiming for sentimental this year folks!  The photo above is a shot of some of the bits and pieces I'm using to put my Christmas cards together.  Photo Op!  The above quote by Picasso holds so much truth.  With the economic uncertainties and hardships that families are facing right now, having spent the night creating with friends truly washed away the dust of our everyday lives.  I have found these nights to be very valuable.  If you've got a group of crafty friends, bring them together once in awhile.  It's guaranteed fun times! Believe me, it can do your soul some good!  It did mine.  :o)


  1. what lovely things!
    and i have to say that i am loving your playlist :)
    yann tiersen is in my ipod as well. :)

  2. I love your little girl's name, so cute! Even though I am not a mom yet, I still love doing crafts with my niece and nephew and I love being around them. They are so funny!
    Have a great Thanksgiving!


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