Sunday, February 8, 2009

.love is in the air.

. . . is in the air . . . 
There is no doubt, Valentine's Day is close at hand, with shops all adorned in the usual mix of red, white, and pink decor.  Florists are making way to provide the gentleman his gift of a dozen red roses while the candy shop, with its special edition chocolate desire filled walls, has the perfect heart shaped caramel chew for the one you love.  Valentine cards are being carefully, or carelessly, chosen.  Somewhere, a beautiful evening of candlelight and soft melody is being meticulously choreographed while elsewhere, a night with a stack of chick flicks and a tub of rocky road ice cream is being expected.  You can't help but love, or loathe, this time of year!  Well I say we take the time to celebrate the gift of love, of friendship, with all those who have brought smiles to our hearts and who continue to enrich our lives!
"Love is, above all, the gift of oneself."
~Jean Anouilh

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  1. Here, Here...I so agree. My night will be spent with my family watching our 16 yr old perfrm at a special Winter Cleebration of Dance.



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