Sunday, February 22, 2009

.peeking into marie antoinette's closet.

There's just something about ruffles, ribbon, and lace playing its part in the ever so fashionable world of 18th century France that you can't help but find yourself being drawn to it.  Such was the case for me when I decided to plop in a recently purchased DVD of Sofia Coppola's rendition of Marie Antoinette, a script based upon the novel by Antonia Fraser.  As with many movies that I find myself falling in love with, its first introduction onto the movie screen sparked only a mild interest with me.  Why?  I'm not sure why.  My usual movie tastes tend to lean towards historically based, periodic films.  This one was somehow overlooked.  After reading over some encouraging, and some not so enthusiastic reviews on the movie, I decided to get it.  Sure, the punk rock music woven into the film kinda threw me off just a little, and yes, Hollywood tends to create its own version of how historic events take their shape.  Regardless, I adored this movie, especially, MOST especially for the absolutely gorgeous wardrobe created by costume director, Milena Canonero.  

My eyes were glued to the tv screen as I watched Kirsten Dunst portray the young queen, adorned in the finest and most detailed of attire I have ever seen!  There is no question as to how this movie won the 2006 Academy Award for Best Costume Design.  From the exquisite gowns and up-do's, right down to the fanciest of footwear, it was all simply magnifique!  Even the array of decadently decorated cakes, of course, were truly works of art!

After watching the film, and having to wipe the drool off my chin (ha!), I recalled a book on ribbonwork that I had bought several years ago entitled Ribbonwork:  The Complete Guide, by Helen Gibb.  I was so intrigued by the detail and sheer beauty of the craft, that I had all full intentions of starting my own collection of wonderfully crafted florals.  However, a full and tiresome schedule kept me from starting the project.  The book sat, amongst a plethora of other craft books, forgotten, until now.  Perhaps I'll be able to start that well intended project this week, especially considering the fact that my ribbon stockpile has never stopped growing.  If I do, you'll be the first to know!  Meanwhile, take a look at some clips from the movie here.
{Marie Antoinette photos were provided by Costumer's Guide.}

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  1. I also enjoyed this movie, it's pure eye candy! What a great choice of songs you are playing now in your blog! This Braveheart Theme is so lovely, my husband sent a cd to me with this song when we met...


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