Thursday, April 16, 2009

.what's in your bag?.

Hello everyone!  I know, I know.  Where the heck have I been?!  Things have been a little hectic so I had to step away from Blogland for a little bit.  Hope all has been groovy in your neck of the woods! Let's see. . . what's going on with me at the moment, well after a visit to Susannah's blog this morning, I couldn't help but want to dump out the contents of my bag, simply to get a shot of it.  It's actually kinda funny once you realize just what you've got in there.  Here's what is in my bag:
  • a cute journal 
  • my little brown leather wallet stuffed with receipts, cards, bobby pins, stamps, and fortune cookie fortunes
  • an orange flavored lollipop that the bank gives to my daughter every time we make a deposit
  • a spiral sketchbook
  • a case of colored pencils
  • a tube of Aveeno lotion
  • 2 tubes of lipstick:  L'Oreal Nature's Blush and MAC What a Do!
  • my Canon Powershot Digital Elph
  • Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri
  • a notebook
  • a Pilot gel pen
  • my check book
  • a mini bag of Orville Redenbacher kettle corn popcorn
  • a chocolate egg wrapped in mint green foil
  • a lint roller
Other things that did not make it into the shot, several paycheck stubs, a few coins, lint, and of course, the emergency maxi pad.  Ha!  Now I ask YOU the same question. . . what's in YOUR bag?


  1. the contents of my bag are not nearly as colorful as yours. about 20 receipts, gum wrappers, lint, my wallet, a tube of lipgloss, and my makeup bag is all i got.

  2. Your bag's contents have so much personality! I could never participate in a blog like this without revealing the boring stuff my poor purse is stuck with. A mountain of Bed Bath & Beyond coupons? Check! lol.

  3. LOL I did it are the contents of mine:
    ** Sony Cybershot & photocards (I rarely use it so it's not charged)
    ** Cell phone - I never put it in the side pockets so I'm always cursing when it rings.
    ** Change - I never put change back in my wallet so there is always loose change in the bottom of my bag. And I wonder why I can never find anything.
    ** Sad, sad, sad worn out wallet from Urban Outfitters. I got this bright idea that I would use this instead of my heavy fancy wallet. Not good, it doesn't hold much and the latch sprang after I ran over it with my desk chair.
    ** Mom's bracelet that I wore to church on Sunday. I need to put it back in the jewelry box.
    ** Flash drive to take to the print shop so I can get some printing done.
    ** Make-up - just the essentials: powder, gloss and lipstick.
    ** Nail polish - OPI Dulce De Leche (my favorite shade)
    ** Car and House keys - red leather heart that I had forever and a silver medallion that says "home" given to me at Christmas. I'll cherish that forever as it was very meaningful to me.
    ** Sunglasses and reading glasses
    ** Assorted pens - I love funky colored pens
    ** Lens cloth

  4. you have got some fabulous stuff in there!! i now want some popcorn...


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