Thursday, April 23, 2009

.you are my little bird.

I love music.  You've probably figured that out by now.  My little girl also loves music.  And I mean LOVES music!  There's nothing more delightful to watch than your two year old child dance her little heart out to a song being played on the radio or the television, or a book for that matter.  So what if her dance moves resemble a really whacked out version of Richard Simmon's "Sweating to the Oldies" workout videos?  (She gets that from her Daddy.  Let's pray she grows out of it.)  She also loves to sing.  Although most of the words to her songs are still gibberish, except for the occasional "Daddy," "Momma," "Keoki" (our dog) and names of other family members and favorite characters, it is still sweet to listen to.  You can't help but laugh at the sheer cuteness of it all.  I know, I'm the gushing Mom.  Yesterday, I came across a CD with a cover that caught my eye.  We all know that they say you should never judge a book, or in this case an album, by its cover.  True.  But I was pleased to find that this one was a keeper.  Elizabeth Mitchell's You are My Little Bird is a wonderful album to add to your child's music collection.  Opening with Little Liza Jane, this catchy tune gets you hooked and reels you, and your little one, in for a beautiful ride!  The variety of carefully handpicked songs ranging from classic folk to the Velvet Underground, has been delicately woven together into a colorful tapestry of music fit for younger and older audiences alike.  Accompanied by her daughter Storey and husband Daniel on some of the songs, Mitchell brings the familiarity and joy of singing together as a family on this album, something that I treasure as a parent.  A collection of beautifully sung tunes and terrific arrangements, this album is sure to become a family favorite!  So, to check out more on Elizabeth Mitchell and her music, visit her here.  If you like the sound of this album, you should also check out Mitchell's collaboration with Lisa Loeb on Catch a Moon.  One of my faves!  


  1. sounds like a great addition. when I was young my mom got me the Burl Ives album of folk songs - maybe that's why I love them today.

  2. Ooh yes, we have Catch The Moon and little one loves "stop and go" song. I love Lisa Loeb as well. I have some cds here if you would like their names I can check them for you. I can't remember right now!!!

  3. I checked out the songs..They are wonderful. I am a part time preschool teacher and guess whose classroom will have some new music! Thanks for the recommendation!


  4. hey there-
    I am the "other" Kat on the Unravelling course and i wanted to say Hi!! And also say how much we love Elizabeth Mitchell here. She is so wonderful...hardly children's music at all.


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