Thursday, April 9, 2009

.where do we go from here?.

I'm not sure where this blog entry is going to go today.  You'll have to forgive me in advance if this comes out in a jumbled mess.  It's little after midnight, and I need a place to spill the thoughts out of my head or it'll simply explode!  For anyone who may be curious about the status of my website, it's coming together, it's just not exactly what I want.  As with many things, I know it'll have several "face lifts" before I finally set myself to a truly finished site.  I was hoping to have had it completed by now, but time has been rather limited lately.  This fact has been quite frustrating for me as there are so many things to get done here, there and everywhere, and it seems that time IS draining away much quicker than I can keep up with.  Just like handfuls of sand slipping away between my fingers. . . I wish I lived near the ocean again.  [sigh]

There have been some photographic projects I've been wanting to get started.  Once again, the battle of time has been an issue.  Hopefully next month, I'll be able to remedy that.  In the spirit of the "Character Project," I've been contemplating a project of my own.  There is no doubt that my favorite form of photography is that of the portrait.  I know that my current collection of photographs don't show much portraiture at the moment, however, I plan to change that.  What I want to do is start with much more serious, intimate photos of people, starting first with  my family, the characters who shape who I am.  It's something that I've been wanting to do for awhile now.  The idea first came to mind several years ago during a photo shoot that my grandfather was asked to be in.  The photographer, David, is a guy that my grandfather used to work with.  David and his older brother owned and ran a iron works shop in downtown Nashville.  Wanting to pursue his passion for photography, he asked my grandfather if he'd partake in some character study shoots for his portfolio.  I came along for the shoot because of my interest in photography, plus it didn't hurt that the man was cute!  Ha!  When Grandpa received his copies of the photos, I was truly stunned and amazed at the brilliance of the images!  David managed to capture who my grandfather is:  both the intelligent, proud man smoking his pipe, and the vulnerable man who had lost his precious wife just a few years prior.  To this day, those images are powerful reflections of a wonderful man in my life.  This time, I will be the person behind the lens.  

Despite the last few days of chillier weather here in Middle Tennessee, I hope to continue working in the yard this weekend in warmer tempuratures.  Perhaps even plant something!  The above photo is from the hydrangea "tree" (yes, tree as this thing is over 10' tall!) that's growing in the front of the house we rent.  I'm not a green thumb by any means, but I'd like to be.  I found the days spent in the sunshine last weekend was so calming, and productive!  So for any of you gardeners out there (shout out to Emma Bond from Orchard Studio!) send some tips my way when you get the chance!  Goodnight folks!  


  1. I would love to do a set of character studies but it's so hard to get people to agree to them. My last model freaked out after her mom critizied how she she took back her permissions. A valuable lesson I learned there as I didn't do a contract.

    I think your stuff is great and I enjoy chatting with you via blog or flickr.

  2. i love the picture of the hydrangeas. i need to come over sometime and raid your tree.


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