Tuesday, April 21, 2009

.write on.

There once was a time when I would write. . . and write. . . and write.  I used to LOVE to write.  When I was in high school, that was the one thing I truly enjoyed the most.  Whether it was writing out reports in Sociology or creative writing in English.  Many times there were piles of notes I'd write to my high school friend Michelei during U.S. History class; stacks of letters, accompanied by heavily decorated envelopes, to my childhood best friend Mischa who moved to Oregon when we were fifteen.  Who I still keep in touch with by the way!  There was just something about putting down my thoughts on paper.  And I was SO proud of my handwriting!  Oh!  Let's not forget about poetry.  Poems were a way for me to release the pressure of emotions building up inside of me.  I didn't just write because I had to.  I did it because I loved it.  Because I needed it.  There was no fear in what I wanted to write.  No, I was not the best at it by any means.  Vocabulary was and is still a little challenging.  Grammar always seems to be so anxious to jump out with its red ballpoint pen.  And yet, I was confident in my thoughts, confident with what I would write.  That same confidence has, over the years, dwindled down to a mere ember set in a mound of ash and soot.  

Recently, I purchased a copy of The Right to Write, by Julia Cameron, the author of the best selling book, The Artist's Way.  I don't know why I purchased the book.  The title, perhaps.  As it says on the cover, it was my "invitation" to a writing life.  Deep down, I guess I've been wanting to be a part of that life again.  Having only read the first few chapters thus far, I was relieved to have someone tell me to forget the reasons why I hesitate to write; the fear of what others might think, the dread of sounding silly and unintelligent, the excuse of not having enough time.  Cameron's book has reminded me that I need to write for my own sake and not for the approval of anyone else.  Write simply for the love of writing.  From this point on, I will do just that.  
Wherever you are
is the entry point.


  1. yes i remember when you and michelei would write notes to eachother even though you two saw eachother everday and spoke on the phone for hours...
    everyday. haha! i totally agree with the book that it's just all about self expression. another form of art so there is no right or wrong way because it's how you see it. whether others get it or not. it's what lies within. yes yoda. ;)

  2. I like writing streams of thought with no judgement and going back to read them - I'm always surprised by what I think.

    there is no right or wrong way to write as long as it is genuine to you.

  3. Nice. Must get that book too. Love "The Artist's Way".


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