Thursday, June 18, 2009

.a little spot for me.

Finally. As I mentioned in another post, the "craft room" is technically done. The walls have been stripped of their gaudy wallpaper and seafoam green paint. Now, all the walls are white. It's actually a very tiny room so the white definitely helps to open it up more. Believe it or not, I think just the simple fact of knowing I have a place to run to, a little spot a I can sorta call my own, makes me a little more sane. :o) Besides my two year old daughter and 3 year old nephew love to hang out here because they know this is the only place they can paint and make a mess in! Yay yay for everybody!
Here's a shot of my drawing table cluttered with my Country Living UK mag, crayola watercolors for my nephew, a couple of Anthropologie catalogs, and of course, an orange haired mermaid. I'd show you the other side of the wall, the one I'm leaning on as I took this shot, but it's not as interesting as this side. ha! So what's left to do? Create of course! Oh! And peel the specks of paint that dribbled on the floor. Oopsy!


  1. nice space to visit~happy light here!

  2. nice, I like your style Kat!

  3. Love it! Its so bright and open. Very nice. Love the shelf and cork board.

    Oh and LOVE LOVE LOVE country living! I only just started reading it because I thought it was a magazine about horses and fox hunting...needless to say I am pleasantly surprised!

    Also loving the new look of the blog (I usually read through reader, so sorry if its been up for ages!! But something about the new style seems to suit what I know about you)

    So yes, there is a lot of love here!

  4. Thank you thank you

    Kat- I LOVE UK's version
    of Country Living. It has
    so much more than the US
    version. Boo! I had to get
    this blog looking a little
    more like "me." Tea-stained
    and distressed. Ha!


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