Monday, June 1, 2009

.cool me down.

Today has got to be the HOTTEST day so far this year! I believe the high was at 91 degrees. NINETY-ONE! Already! And it's not even officially summer yet! Now let's toss some good ol' southern humidity in there and I believe I may have been one degree closer to catching "the vapors!" <--- said with my best Tennessee accent. All afternoon, the little one and I did what we could to cool down . . . yay! for popsicles, sweet tea, and tank tops! Sometimes, just the glimpse of cool, clear water helps drop the body temp a little. These sparklingly refreshing images from Toast, and cranking up the AC just a tad, sure seemed to do the trick! ;o) They say tomorrow's supposed to be even hotter. Sounds like time to blow up little sweet's inflatable swimming pool. Let's just hope Mommy won't faint in the process!


  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, pops - I love the cherry ones.

  2. your hot is proper hot, we just do about 72 here and it seems boiling and everyone stops!! We don't have air conditioning either.. just open the windows wider!! Hope you are enjoying the nice weather though Kat! x

  3. Love little inflatable pools and popsicles. The weather has been so weird in Michigan this year. I'm still waiting to sweat just a little. It's been too cool for me. Stay cool in the pool and splash a little for me.


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