Sunday, May 31, 2009

.today's list::05.31.09.

  • Got a copy of the new summer issue of Boho magazine.  LOVE it!!  Chock-full of awesome finds and wonderful reads!  You can almost feel that summery sunshine beaming off the pages!  
  • Fell in love with a pair of earrings by this talented gal!  Too cute.  
  • TOTALLY blown away by the fact that the new Selvedge magazine is $30!  Bummer.
  • Finally picked up the HUGE and heavy table that we originally used for displaying merchandise at the bookstore.  Unfortunately, the massive fixture was too wide, no matter how we maneuvered it, to fit through the door frame.  With some tweaking, some how, some way, this bad boy's gonna be my new craft table.  Yay yay for free stuff!!
  • Craft room is ALMOST done.  Thank god!  Finally, a place to let loose!  Woo hoo!
  • Really intrigued by this new craft printer called Yudu that I saw at Joanns.  
  • Reading The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule.  I truly enjoy and appreciate the fact that she helps us, as parents, to realize that these wonderful beings we call our children are the best examples, teachers, of the creative spirit.  
  • A card I had purchased a couple of years ago fell out of one of my journals as I was reading over some of my older entries.  I remember buying it because I adored the playful watercolor design on the front.  Two bees hovering over a flower of red, pink, and coral.  I flipped it over and saw that the artist, Masha D'yans, has a website.  Her unique, whimsical style and sheer talent with watercolors leaves me mesmerized!  
  • Quote of the day:
A large part of nurturing a spirit of creativity
comes from being mindful, slowing down, 
observing, and looking at the beauty
and inspiration all around.
~Amanda Blake Soule

Hope all of you have had a splendid, sunshiney weekend!  Let's hope it carries on into this coming week!  


  1. I love all of your wonderful discoveries and I'm considering Boho magazine although sedge looked egually interesting but pricey. They both look intriguing!
    I feel like a Boho girl most days although this unravelling stuff is kind of wearing me out. How about you? I stopped the projects that didn't come natural to me and now I'm concentating on things that mean the most to me but I still feel a little lost.
    Have a great monday!


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