Thursday, May 14, 2009

.today's list::05.14.09.

Good day everyone!  Not too much going on today.  Just a lot of errand running with the wee one and her Gran.  Popping into shops and popping right back out!  Ha!  Alright, so let's see, what made it to my list today...
  • Daisies!  Is it just me or does it seem like spring is ushering summer in much sooner than normal?  It's me, isn't it?
  • While in the car, I sat behind a van that had a bumper sticker that read, "got milkweed?"  This caught my attention as I had purchased a book recently for a teenage friend with the title Milkweed.  Apparently milkweed (also known as "butterfly flower") is a vital source of pollen for bees and food for monarch larvaes.  Very interesting.  
  • I have been in a mood to sew.  Not that I have started any projects yet, but I want to.  There's been such a big boom in the desire for and making of handmade items just these last few years that the shelves in bookstores are spilling over with instruction and inspiration of all kinds!  I skimmed through a few today and it brought to mind an article I read in a Home Companion magazine (which I just found out, is no longer in circulation! Argh!) that came out exactly this time last year.  It featured designer Heather Bailey and some of her cute ideas.  Her look is vibrant and playful, just like a tall glass of cool, pink lemonade on a warm May afternoon!  A wonderful source of inspiration!  Of course you'll have to go and check out her website and her blog now.  :o)
  • Wondering where I can get a decently priced, and fully working, vintage Singer sewing machine.  
Hope you lovely folks are having a lovely week so far!  

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  1. I will check her out - and I love simple and sweet


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