Wednesday, May 6, 2009

.rain. a busted pipe . and minnie driver.

So far, it's been a rather, oh how do you say, interesting week, putting it mildly.  It has rained and rained for days.  Honestly, this soft, gentle downfall is my favorite as it reminds me so much of the kind of rain we had back home, only minus the tin roof.  But, it was not this much needed precipitation that had me so angry to the point I seriously considered signing up for anger management classes.  No, it was more like the underground drainage pipe that collapsed and caused a major, odorous mess in my basement garage that had me on the verge of going postal.  Ha!  Okay, so maybe not that upset, but enough to push me over the threshold of calm.  That problem has been fixed, thank god, but then as soon as the plumber was about to leave, we found a new leak under the bathroom sink, and a wasp nest in the process of being built in the window.  Lovely.  Needless to say, I so could've used a margarita for Cinco de Mayo!  Anyhoos, the larger issues were repaired and maybe life can move a little bit like normal the rest of this week.  I hope!

So today, I came across an album that I was quite skeptical about at first.  After listening to a few songs, I picked up the album again, nodding with approval.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.  There have been many actors and actresses that have hopped over the fine line from thespian to musician, only to come out less stellar than their original personna.  When I first saw Minnie Driver's name and face on the album cover to Seastories, I couldn't help but think 'Oh geez, here we go.  Another actress who thinks she can sing.'  Well, she can.  Quite beautifully actually.  With sultry vocals and folksy melodies, the London-born Ms. Driver has captured my ears and my pocketbook.  I truly applaud her for proving to me and to many other skeptics that yes, even great actresses can rock out some awesome tunes!  Here's a video of Minnie Driver's song Beloved.  Wouldn't it be lovely to sit in the sunshine amongst that field of Queen Anne's lace, strumming away on a guitar?  I would, if I knew how to play!  ;0)  Check out her website here.


  1. many praises to the roto-rooter crew!
    when i watched ms. driver in "phantom of the opera" i knew she had a kick-ass voice! yes, love her dress. i could use a mystical-like forest to chill at right about now.

  2. I'm quite surprised too..and even more surprised she co-wrote. I wonder how much she participated?


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