Thursday, May 7, 2009

.driving with my eyes closed.

Have you ever wanted to fly?  Not by means of an airplane or glider.  Just you, flesh and blood.  I have.  If I believed in reincarnation, I'd hope to come back as a bird.  Perhaps an eagle or hawk, with enormous wings that can carry me upon the wind, soaring between earth and sky.  On my way home today, I popped Sigur Ros's album Takk into the CD player.  Something about the first two songs makes you want to stand on the edge of reason and leap out into the open air, knowing that you are about to see the world, life, in a whole new and exciting way.  The rush of wind accompanied by the current of music filled my truck and for just a moment, surged with a feeling of elation, I closed my eyes.  Now before you run off to call a shrink and the suicide hotline, know that is NOT where this is going.  Ha!  Meditation.  I miss it.  I've been so far removed from my spiritual self that I don't even know where to even tap into it again.  While reading Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way during my lunch break, she touched on the subject of spirituality and the artist.  Spiritual electricity.  I'm still reading more about it so I can't elaborate on it much, but what I have read is quite interesting and valid.  Maybe the reason why I have struggled with my creativity is because I have made myself so distant from the Creator.  There was just something about what happened in the truck today that made me feel more alive, more in-tune.  I think it's about time that I stopped fighting with the spiritual me and allowed her to communicate more.  Only this time, not in a vehicle, eyes shut, going down the interstate right before rush hour traffic.  
P.S.  If you'd like to see a phenomenal music video featuring the song Glósóli by Sigur Ros (the song I was listening to) you can watch it here.


  1. Hi Kat, going to have a listen to this one! Meditation.. hmmm yes.. not very good at it but try to do it often!

  2. I love the term spiritual electricity!

    for me, creativity is like a cycle of connection...connection to the wider world (Creator/Goddess/God, etc) deeply feeds my creativity and being creative connects me to the Creator as well. Win. Win.

    I also think that people are creative, but just don't/aren't allowed to recognise it in themselves. I often say to myself and others, every time you make dinner, its an act of creation and creativity. Its not just big and bold.

  3. Emma-The music is a little
    different don't ya think? But
    it is SO COOL!

    Kat-Great name by the way!
    You made my day by letting
    me realize that cooking is
    also an art...culinary art! I
    will now look at every spice
    on the rack as a wonderful
    color waiting for the right
    moment to be experienced!


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