Thursday, May 28, 2009

.a place to breathe.

Nature.  There is no better place to breathe than in amongst the trees, the open field, surrounded by a symphony of birds chirping and frogs croaking.  Ha!  Sunday, we decided to take a day trip somewhere.  We headed west on Hwy 70 and after driving through a few towns, we took a detour and headed up towards the Land Between the Lakes.  I had heard about this place, this large strip of land that sits on the  Tennessee and Kentucky border, formed by two rivers, the Tennessee and the Cumberland.  It is ENORMOUS!  We didn't drive through the whole thing as we had not planned to be up there, but it is definitely a weekend trip we're going to make, fishing and camping gear in tow!
On our drive back, heading to Nashville, the sun had pretty much dipped behind the horizon.  We came upon a prairie, one we had passed by earlier, only this time the gathering of bison were closer and surrounded by a low lying mist.  These beasts are massive.  The scene was so surreal.  Like an image pulled out of time.  Every passerby slammed on their breaks as they approached the range, each one enthralled by the peaceful, yet powerful image before their eyes.  You could hear the animals' grunts and snorts, their mouths gnawing away at the grass.  After several snapshots with our cameras, we slowly began to pull ourselves away.  

I don't know what it is, maybe it's because I grew up surrounded by mountains and the ocean that my soul feels the need to escape back to nature every once in awhile.  Fresh air and beautiful landscape is always good for the soul.  

One touch of nature
makes the whole world kin.


  1. i love love love the picture of teh birds on the fence. Just stunning!!!

  2. wow - I didn't know that these were taken so close (relatively speaking). love this entire series.

  3. Those photos make it look like heaven on earth. I like the whole idea of driving somewhere without having a clear plan in mind. We do that often, usually going by the odd names of little towns with the occasional VERY odd name, for example, Bastardo!


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