Saturday, May 9, 2009

.a reflection.

I wonder if the feet 
in my reflection
would have walked
the same paths
that I have taken.
If not,
I wonder where
they'd go. 


  1. this is a great photo and poem! love it.

  2. to starbucks to get iris a latte. :) love the shoes!

  3. I have those exact shoes!!! cute shot

  4. Love the shoes and nice reflection. So what do you think of unravelling so far? I am amazed at the clever photos and what fun I've had with the reflection piece.

  5. Nice rambling...
    Nice shoes...
    A long time I don't get a nice pair of shoes. All I wear are those hiking type of shoes!!! i know...this is a materialist comment! But I like your shoes!

  6. Kat-thanks a bunch!
    Iris-you are a dork. But you know this and I love you for it.
    Char-Gotta LOVE Target!!
    Junie-Loving the course!!
    Zee-Target...less than 20 bucks! :o)


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