Monday, May 25, 2009

.cake for breakfast.

It was about 8:30 this morning when she woke up.  The first thing she says when she looks at me is, "Mama. . . aykeem."  I, in turn, say "You want ice cream?"  She smiles.  A big, sweet, dimply smile and answers, "Aykeem. . . mmm. . . cake!!"  This was her first breakfast request since turning the fabulous age of two.  Two.  Already.  For a few moments, I couldn't help but to just simply stare at her.  I would sit there on the bed, sheets still tossed about, gazing into the beautiful face of my not-so-baby girl, her eyes beaming with delight for she knows, today, Mommy will give in.  Okay, so having a slice of the ladybug adorned cake (the ladybug in honor of her favorite book, Ladybug Girl) may not have been the best breakfast of choice, but we'll overlook that, just this once.

The days leading up to her birthday were rather stressful.  Our original plans were to head out to Savannah, Georgia, see the coast, and enjoy some Antebellum architecture.  However, with it having been Memorial Day weekend, we decided at the last minute that traveling was probably not too hot of an idea.  Instead, I had to whip up a birthday party real quick!  As I went down the lists of things to do, purchase, and yada yada, I suddenly found myself wondering where the time had gone.  Two years.  So much had happened in that time:  I said 'goodbye' to my job as a store manager for a craft retailer, a company I had been with since I was 20 in preparation for becoming a stay-at-home Mom, and to pursue a more "artistic" lifestyle; moved into a house from a 2 bedroom apartment a month before she was born; then, our beautiful baby arrives; just a few months later, her Daddy loses his job; I go back into retail management to help make ends meet; we move back to Nashville to be closer to family.  And here we are.  Two years, since she took her first breath.  The little baby is now a little toddler.  Let's just say, the floodgates burst wide open!  Time truly does fly by, especially when you don't want it to.

The little gathering of family and close friends made for a wonderful time!  When you ask her how old she is, she holds out two fingers, one resting on top the other, and quickly says, "Two!"  More and more, those tiny miracle moments pop up on a daily basis.  Little things like feathers that tickle your heart when they happen.  Sweet bubbles in time that too quickly escape us.  These are the moments to bask in.  This is the time to love being Mommy.  
~Journaling on May 25, 2009.


  1. adorable!!! happy birthday to your little one. everyone should have cake for breakfast on their birthday.

  2. i found ds's second birthday much harder than his first. It sounds like you pulled together a lovely day and cake is mandatory for breakfast every so often!

  3. oh so completely sweet! My baby girl is now 14 and the time has flown.. i would give anything to go back in time for a few seconds just for her to be 2 again!


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