Thursday, May 28, 2009

.music to my ears.

I love, Love, LOVE music!  If you were to ask me what is my favorite, I really couldn't answer that.  My music selections are so diverse that to pick one out and call it my all-time fave, well, it just wouldn't be fair.  It would be much easier to ask me what kinds of music do I NOT like.  Rap, Hardcore Heavy Metal, and modern Country.  I know, I live in Nashville.  So forgive me.  Hey!  But I'll take Bluegrass any day!  Yesterday, a gentleman that I work with (who is by far the most knowlegeable person I know when it comes to World music, which is probably why he has his own radio show) told me about a website that he frequents called  EVERY country you can possibly think of is on this site!  Very much like iTunes when it comes to the cost of the downloads.  Of course I was thrilled with this new find and so I had to share it with all of you!  During my search for Romanian music, I came upon a video of a little girl named Cleopatra Stratan, the daughter of a Moldovan-Romanian singer.  I had never heard of her before, but apparently, this little cutie with a voice has broken many world records, one of them being the "youngest artist to score a #1 hit in a country."  That very song can be heard, and viewed, below.  She also did an English version you can see here.  Although I have no idea what she's singing, you can't help but love her outfit and adorable voice.  The tune's kinda catchy too.    

For those of you reading this post, let me know what musicians and types of music YOU like to listen to.  Here are some of mine:
Yeah, I think I better stop there.  That's seriously the tip of the iceberg!  What about you?  


  1. your list contains two of my very favorites - U2 and Patty Griffin.

    I love music too....but my nephews tell me that I have very girly music taste.

  2. Ha ha! I guess I can sorta
    relate. After making my list,
    I realized that I tend to lean
    towards female vocalists. :o)
    Yay for "girly music!"

  3. After your epic commenting on my blog, thought I would join in and let you know some of my favourite music, especially music to listen to while painting etc.

    Tchaikovsky (yay - snap!)

    It's funny how music can influence you as you work, and also how it stays in your memory. About 5 years ago I created a little book while listening to a Simon & Garfunkel album on repeat, for about 2 days. When I look at that book now, guess what I can hear?!

  4. Rachel I LOVE Simon & Garfunkel.
    I bet your book was super groovy!
    Mellow, but still groovy. If I were
    to name my Muse. . . I believe her
    name would be Music. Thanks for
    stopping by!


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