Wednesday, July 8, 2009

.a bit of home.

Some days, I get home sick. After digging through some of the boxes we still have in our basement from our move here last summer, I happened across a tall, glass jar filled with sand and seashells. The sand I remember collecting from a beach back on Kauai, prior to me moving to California. I honestly don't remember which beach it was that I took the sand from! It doesn't matter I guess, although I can almost say with certainty it was Poipu. Maybe. I look at the course grains of coral sand and I'm immediately transported back to a place where the waters are sparkling blue topaz. The light fabric of my pareo dances on an ocean breeze. The gentle murmur of people enjoying the delights of the beach swim in the soothing sounds of waves breaking on the shore. The scent of Coppertone, salt water and barbeque fill my nostrils. My stomach growls. I can almost feel the sun . . . almost. ::sigh:: I miss the beach. ::sigh:: I hate being home sick.


  1. I would feel homesick for hawaii too and I have not even been there! It sounds wonderfully fantastic! Although reading your last post sounds pretty interesting and cool where you live now!

  2. What a sweet picture. I am sorry you miss the ocean! That is too bad, at least you have this to help you remember!

  3. homesick. tell me about it. freakin tennessee and it's non-existant beaches! a lake is not the same :( coppertone? for me it's the tahitian oil. man what i would do for a nice dark tan!

  4. sorry you're missing it so much - coppertone always makes me think beach - that smell will always transport me too

  5. Ooh Tahitian tiare oil. . .
    now THAT'S a fragrance
    that will transport you to
    paradise. . . Thanks Ris.

  6. home sickness is hard sometimes...but nashville is a great place !

    and you're not that far from the ocean {florida} if you need your sand fix....

    I only tell people to go to the panhandle....seaside and watercolor are my favs...and you're only an easy 8 hour drive away !


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