Wednesday, July 15, 2009

.sp wednesday::2.

Some days, the camera on my laptop takes my picture.
Some days, I realize, I really shouldn't play in Photobooth
because that's when scary pictures like this one pop up!


  1. hahahahahaaaa!! thats brilliant Kat...

  2. you know how i feel about clowns... this is truly horrifying to me.

  3. hahahaha, man - that is funny. just because you were brave too.

    but have I told you that clowns freak me out?

  4. Wow. . . thanks for all the giggly
    comments! You can tell I got pretty
    desperate to have posted this shot.
    It is scary as hell! Ha ha! Which is
    probably why I put it up. And yes,
    Iris and Char, clowns also freak me
    out! :OP I tried to go for the "Mimi"
    look in this one!

  5. If you hadn't explained about Photobooth, I'd have thought that you were messing around with Mary Kate and Ashley's makeup again! ;-)


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