Wednesday, July 8, 2009

.sp wednesday.

So today I officially take part in "Self Portrait [sp] Wednesday." Having participated in Susannah Conway's Unravelling e-course, I am slowly, oh so very slowly, trying to embrace all the aspects that make me me. The last 5 years of my life have been a roller coaster ride and I think, no I KNOW that it has had a toll on me emotionally, mentally and physically. Decisions, both good and bad, have an affect on us in ways that I don't think we even realize.
One thing I have noticed as I try to capture my "face" is that I don't smile as much. The right side of my face (your left) is actually swollen. It's kinda hard to tell but it is. And I look tired. So maybe you can't tell that looking at these photos, but believe me, I do. ha!

There's more I want to share with you today, like how sometimes I really hate the fact that we females have these hormones that make you want to cry for the silliest of reasons. But I'll share that with you some another day. ;o) Have a wonderful one!


  1. your eyes are so magical, even in the second image as they drift downward...such expression kat.

  2. Ditto that thought, even if I'm much better at not feeling so "sick" anymore. The other day I was checking flights to HNL from Milan (via British Airways) and it got down to something like 850 euros in September, I believe. That is CHEAP for one person, but with the two of us and then doggies having to be set up in doggie hotels....grrrrrr.

  3. oh my beautiful seeester. yes, you are beautiful inside and out. i really like the 2nd one. i think my left side is puffier than my right side too. or is it my right?? oh whatever.

  4. you are so beautiful inside and out. i hate all photographs of me - isn't funny (weird) how we are always so critical of ourselves but are so willing to be some open and accepting of others? embrace you - you are wonderful.

  5. you have such magic in your eyes. i adore you. <3 never doubt your beauty.

  6. You ladies are wonderful!
    I truly appreciate your
    kind words. Seriously. I
    do. :o) I think the best
    way to get over your fear
    is to face it head on. That's
    what I did here. Sorta.
    Photoshop always helps! ;o)

    Rowena- The last time I went
    back home, I took a Greyhound
    bus from Nashville to LA just
    so that I could save $700. The
    round trip Greyhound ticket
    cost me $99. And I wonder
    why I never go home!


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