Tuesday, August 18, 2009

.light leaks and spartus.

In this quest for "new worlds" to explore, I find myself in a realm of analog film and plastic lenses. Thanks to some wonderful photographers out there who aren't afraid to shoot film with their Polaroid, Holga, and Diana cameras (to name a few) I've been inspired to join in on the fun! So until the day I bust out the 120 film, I will enjoy my recently received copy of Light Leaks magazine. I first heard about this publication through a blog entry by Andrea Jenkins of Hula Seventy. The quarterly magazine is dedicated to the art and love of lo-fi photography. In this specific issue, several different photographers share their best photos taken during a trip on the open road. For some reason, images of the all-American family, station wagon packed, cutting through the scorching, Southwestern landscape comes to mind. Is anyone else thinking National Lampoon's Vacation? Can YOU recall some fond, or not so fond, memories of your family roadtrip? Past or present? Do you still have photos from the journey?
So which camera shall I use to capture my lo-fi photos? Well, right now, I will attempt to try out this Spartus Full-Vue camera. It was given to me MANY years ago by a friend of my Mom. At the time, I was grateful, and yet. . . being honest, I was like, "What is it?" Because it was not considered a "serious" camera, I never thought any more about it. So it was tucked away in a closet at my Grandfather's home until just the other day. I've searched online for more information about this camera and what I'm finding is limited. Most of the images of the actual camera itself is far different from the one I have. There is no date on the body to show me what year it was made. Although I do know that the Spartus cameras were made between 1948 and 1960. I'm anxious and terrified to try this little guy out! It's extremely basic having only two shutter speeds. Instant and Time. I can already tell this will be a truly experimental camera. If it doesn't work out to my liking, at least I know it'll look cute on my shelf!


  1. totally adorable - can't wait to see what you get

  2. have fun with the discoveries!

  3. Oh I love this and can't wait to see your pictures. I have a few vintage film cameras but haven't used them just yet. Not sure what I'm waiting for. You go first and share with me. My memories of family vacation is six of us piled in the old woody station wagon. Wow that dates me. I have a dream of buying an old vw dub love bus and traveling the us with a camera and notebook. Lets go!

  4. The camera looks great. A real character. You'll have loads of fun with it. The great thing about cameras like that is they are so simple with solid mechanical shutters rather than electronic, so not much can go wrong with them. Give it a go Kat, I bet the results are superb.

  5. Hi Kat! I must let you know that I am curious to see the results! I have 3 vintage cameras and I never tried any of them! I think you will inspire me to start!


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