Wednesday, August 26, 2009

.slinkachu & the little people.

If you should happen to be traveling the streets of London, you may want to watch where you are stepping. You never know, you may be walking beside (or ON!) a scene set up by the creative photographer known simply as Slinkachu. The photographs of teeny, tiny, miniature railroad characters set in the midst of London's urban scenery can be summed up in one word: genius! The clever use of litter, these miniature figurines, and close-up photography have made up some brilliant images that forces you to look twice. Just when you think you are looking at a photograph of a rescue team in a boat, over looking a dead man floating in the river, you realize with a second image that it is actually these miniatures set in a puddle formed on a sidewalk. His images are a great mix of satire and humor, and can be seen in his book Little People in the City: The Street Art of Slinkachu, as well as on his website. And if you get a chance, you can also check out his blog here. Now remember: Watch where you're going!

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